Grand ballroom

The Montien Riverside Hotel’s Grand Ballroom is unique for its size and grandeur. This exceptional venue is the largest of its kind in Thailand and can accommodate up to 1,200 guests and features a 4.5 meter high ceiling and a vast open, pillarless, area that is naturally light. The room is located on the 4th floor with direct access from the lobby by lift. In addition, this venue accommodates extra large settings and backdrops with its back entrance access to the 5th floor car park, perfect for exhibitions and motor shows. 

Chao Praya

This multi-functional room is located on the 3rd floor and can accommodate all sized functions, large or small. It can be subdivided into four different sized rooms and has a large pre-function foyer. It is well suited for weddings and the after wedding parties. The party can continue without interruption as the room can be seamlessly converted from a ceremony room to a party room.


The Vimarnthip room is located on 5th floor, this glamorous room is square shaped with high ceiling walls and beautiful Thai mural paintings by the famous artist “Paiboon Suwannakul”. The room has own foyer and reception area, it is suitable for conferences, seminars, or engagement ceremonies.


Vimarnthong Room, our contemporary Thai style room inspired by the Rattanakosin period, is decorated with glass windows overlooking the garden, creating a classic romantic backdrop. The understated peppermint-green colonial decor of this gracefully appointed chamber exudes a dignified charm tempered by a cool reserve and afforded access by an elegant descending walkway to a secluded mini-terrace. It’s popular for Thai engagements, intimate wedding ceremonies, and Theme parties. 


Dainty elegance complemented with the generous presence of rich and vivid colors gives a contrasting, but well-blended, feeling of reserved sophistication and discreet flamboyance. The marble stairway is warm in rustic copper leading to a marble flooring in cool tinted hues of brown and cream. Descending down, one is greeted with the sight of bursting red and green carpets, both colors also dominating the imposing Thai murals, golden gilded doors and strikingly posted carved pieces of mirror. Excellent for weddings, conferences or seminars and showcases

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